How to Photograph in the Land of Israel

For my BFA graduation project at the Bezalel Academy, I proposed to create the Cabinet of Curiosities of the ‘Israeli Excursion’. Cabinet of Curiosities is usually translated to Hebrew as a ‘cabinet of wonders’, but I prefer the curiosity. While wonder relates to the spectator’s experience, curiosity describes the motivation of the collector. The collection and curation of knowledge are the subjects of my project - the ‘knowledge of the land’ (yedi'at ha'aretz). But my Cabinet of Curiosities will not ask to create any new knowledge, but to decipher an existing one - what it is we know - when we know the land?

My Cabinet of Curiosities will present new compositions of existing materials that are a product of the two tools I chose to explore - the excursion, and photography. Materials that were collected from different archives and institutions for the history of The Land of Israel. It begins with the story of Ze’ev Vilnai, one of the earliest excursion guides, which traveled around the country by himself, presenting images and lecturing using his Magic Lantern.