A map fixed on a classroom wall, a yearly celebration of tree-planting, the images in a textbook, or a national school ceremony. These products and idols all have a function in the process of cultural structuring, and growing up in Israel, I became aware of these processes. In my work, I wish not to break these idols, but rather to investigate and question them.

As an artist and photographer, I'm drawn to the images and documents that are an active part of that cultural structuring, especially maps and landscapes. Their ability to conceal while maintaining a neutral appearance is what makes them such powerful tools of education, and they testify explicitly on the subject in dispute - The Land. In the context of the Israeli nation-building, these images and documents are tainted continuously by Sacred Geographies. In studying maps and landscapes, I'm interested in exploring the people, organizations, systems, and ideas that contributed to their design.

In my ideal, unreachable goal - the form of my works and their subjects are combined. The form is invented to deal with different, new ideas, developing a new medium, a new kind of camera, sensor, or program for each work.