From the Shoe Box

The work is based on a collection of approximately 700 passport images found in the Yad Yizhak Ben Zvi Image Archive, Jerusalem. The images were taken at the Hashed immigration camp ('Geula'), Yemen, during the first wave of immigration of the 'On Wings of Eagles' operation (December 1948 - March 1949). Written on the verso of each picture are the names of the person photographed, date of photography, and one repeating name - Yechiel Shlomo Kessar.

The collection was digitized and cataloged by the artist, and is available at the archive.

INFO ︎︎︎

Shabtai Pinchevsky is a photographer and digital media artist currently based in New York. In his creative practice, Pinchevsky uses digital tools to examine archival photographic materials and their relations to geographies of conflict and displacement. His practice is deeply engaged with issues of social justice, human rights, and anti-colonialism, and their application in art and media. Pinchevsky works with 3D modeling, mapping, internet-based art, and more, to investigate the political complications of the photographic medium, while reflecting on his own implications within the field.