An Abridged Draft for a Letter to Leila Khaled

2 min excerpt

An Abridged Draft for a Letter is a video work made as an immediate response to an event, which intersected with an ongoing research I was making into a collection of historical aerial photographs. The Palmach Aerial Collection is comprised of more than 600 aerial photographs taken by the Zionist paramilitary organization before and during the 1947–1949 Palestine War. While it was made for the purpose of military intelligence gathering, today the collection provides a rare documentation of the Palestinian landscape and life before the Nakba. The collection is stored within three archives in Israel, yet it is largely inaccessible for viewing, especially for Palestinians. Using GIS technology and a flight simulator, I’ve been working on a virtual flight tour of the collection, a reconstruction of the Palestinian landscape of 1947 using the images, in order to contribute for the distribution of the collection.